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Brave Me is THE source you can turn to for help when a child is frightened about an upcoming medical procedure or dealing with a medical condition, either their own or that of a loved one.

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Every child who sees a Brave Me video should gain knowledge and feel much braver. If for any reason that’s not the case, a refund will be promptly provided to you.

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Brave Me videos prepare and inform kids through adorable and engaging characters and an inspiring and entertaining story that highlight the strength and resilience they possess. Our sole mission is to treat children with respect by honestly communicating the physical aspect of what is happening while emphasizing the crucial importance of their emotional health as well. Kids are no different than adults…when something medically scary is happening they crave answers to their questions, acknowledgement of their fear and encouragement that they can get through anything. After watching Brave Me videos, kids will be empowered to harness their inner bravery when facing any medical situation. They will be ready and remain calm by self-soothing and leaning on the support of family and friends. They will turn knowledge into courage. Brave Me exists so that kids can be strong, calm and ready for what’s going on.

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After watching the Brave Me MRI video, our son Matthew jumped out of bed the morning of his procedure, ready to go. What a relief!

– Mom Melissa

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Brave Me Videos

Brave Me is creating dynamic videos and products that lessen fear of medical procedures and increase understanding of medical conditions, either their own or that of someone they love like Mom or Dad. These videos are available for streaming so that a child could watch it on any device at anytime, including on the way to a medical procedure. Brave Me’s videos serve as a visual prescription and the following videos were recently released in fall of 2019:





Future Brave Me Videos

Brave Me looks forward to translating all our videos in other languages for international release. Within a year of launching our initial products, we will be releasing videos that prepare kids for CAT scans, tonsillectomies and ultrasounds as well as one that will help kids who have a parent, grandparent or loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer. Future videos will help children who have been diagnosed with heart disease, leukemia, ADD/ADHD, food allergies and assist children who struggle with obesity. We also seek to help kids better understand life with a parent, grandparent or loved one with asthma and diabetes. In our quest to address all aspects of health, Brave Me will also produce a video to prepare a child for visiting the dentist. We will constantly be evolving and creating videos to empower kids around the world.

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Riley asked the exact questions I wanted to ask, but didn’t want to. Now I know the answers.

– Tyler, 9

Help us take the scare out of medical care

Brave Me is here to change the medical education landscape for children around the world. Our videos combine exciting animation with live-action segments where kids can learn about procedures or medical conditions directly from kids just like them. All videos are designed to be much more engaging for kids than the basic, clinical videos offered currently online. Our videos also address the emotional aspects of a medical situation in addition to the physical aspects.

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