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About Brave Me,
Why We Do What We Do

Kids deserve answers to tough medical questions too. Brave Me’s sole mission is to help kids understand medical procedures and medical conditions. When a child encounters a health issue, they do not have any frame of reference, relevant life experiences or the ability to understand their situation and properly prepare. We don’t want kids feeling scared, alone and different. We want to prove to them that there are children just like them that have gone through the same thing. Through our videos, Brave Me will give them not only a healthy understanding of what’s to come, but a way to turn that knowledge into courage. By providing education through entertainment, Brave Me will embolden children on their way to the healthiest life possible.

Our Mission

To empower and prepare children for medical procedures and increase their understanding of medical conditions through educational entertainment

Our Goals


We believe that education is the key to empowering children to face any medical situation with bravery. Children need to be prepared for the steps they must go through in the most realistic way possible. We expect no less as adults when we have to deal with a health issue.


We believe that to truly engage with children you need honesty and compassion. There are deep emotional aspects to medical procedures and medical diagnoses that are rarely addressed when communicating with children about their health. We want kids to know that Brave Me understands their fears and will address them in a truthful and empathetic way.


Children have the courage to flip the script on health struggles that can be frightening. We want to highlight their strength and ability to overcome anything by introducing them to kids who have done just that. We aim to be the spark that ignites the bravery within children to face any medical situation – either their own or that of a loved one.

Our founder

Brave Me came to life after an experience I had with one of my children. When my daughter was five, she became incredibly frightened when the doctor told her she needed an X-ray. The term and the clinical setting had her cowering in the corner, overcome with fear, sobbing and throwing an epic tantrum. After repeatedly stating that it was “just a picture” and letting her know it wouldn’t hurt at all, I was able to calm and console her. But, it became clear to me that kids deserve more medical knowledge to be better prepared and calm before medical procedures or to have a better understanding of medical conditions. With today’s media savvy kids, videos are a very effective communication tool and the idea for Brave Me was born. As a parent, we always seek ways to help kids quell their fears and self-soothe during frightening situations which is Brave Me’s reason for being!

Andrea Brown
Founder of Brave Me

Your Source to Help Kids

Brave Me wants to be THE trusted source that parents, grandparents, loved ones and medical providers can turn to when helping a child navigate health issues.

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