Video Overview

Empowering kids through education

Through entertaining videos, we will provide children with the tools to help them prepare for medical procedures and process life with a medical condition. These videos will feature empathetic and relatable characters and include live action segments where children who have actually lived through a medical situation talk openly and honestly about what to expect. Though our videos are designed for children ages 4-10, they will definitely be helpful for children of all ages.

An overview of our videos

Brave Me videos will feature Riley as the main character. He is an adorable dog who may be scared about needing an X-ray or struggling with how to live daily with asthma. When Riley is anxious, an alarm goes off at Brave Me Headquarters to alert Team Brave Me that he needs help right away. Captain Conrad, the stately lion in charge and Nano, his knowledgeable and empathetic robot assistant, help Riley understand more of what is happening and how he can calmly prepare for it without letting fear blow things out of proportion.

Medical Procedure Videos

When Riley needs an X-Ray, MRI or immunication, (videos about 5-8 minutes in length), we will use humorous elements, such as Riley worrying that a shot will feel like a rhino jabbing into his arm to make sure Riley isn’t letting his imagination make the procedure more stressful. His friends from Brave Me Headquarters will walk him through exactly what to expect.

Medical Condition Videos

When Riley is facing a medical condition such as diabetes or asthma, he will be transported to Brave Me Headquarters. There, he will go on an adventure with Nano – navigating through Medical Mountain, Emotion Ocean and Courage Canyon to fully grasp all aspects of what he is facing. These videos will be about 25-30 minutes in length and provide a full explanation of how this medical condition effects his body, emotions and everyday life. Through his adventure, Riley will transform from being quite scared to having his bravery boosted to the highest levels. Riley’s amazing journey will really resonate with kids who have asthma or diabetes and remind them that they have all the bravery they need already within themselves.

Riley will also be there to help kids whose parent, grandparent or loved one is facing a scary diagnosis. These videos will help Riley understand that his loved one is not contagious, fully explain what their medical condition is and how it will effect them physically, remind him that their medical situation is not his fault and show him how he can love and support this very important person through their medical journey.

Nano, Brave Me Headquarters


Finally, there is a video that helps Emma understand what it really means to have diabetes. We felt like seeing this did give her a bravery boost!

– Dad Michael

Brave Me Cares

Brave Me is committed to donating a portion of every video and merchandise sale to the incredible organizations that also serve to help kids face health situations. For example, when a Brave Me video on asthma is purchased, we will donate to the American Lung Association ( or in the case of sales of Brave Me videos on diabetes, donations will be made to the JDRF ( For procedural videos such as those preparing kids for X-Rays or MRIs, we will donate a percentage of sales to the Childrens Health Fund ( Brave Me Cares will be the charitable arm of Brave Me and will serve to help children through both donations to exceptional charitable organizations and by taking action that corresponds with our overall mission.

Nano, Brave Me Headquarters


I want to visit Brave Me Headquarters too! Nano and Captain Conrad were awesome!

– Ariel, 8