Kid of the Week

Brave Me Kid of the Week

Friday, October 2nd - Saturday, October 10th


Lucas is one AWESOME kid whose honesty about and zest for life is truly endearing. His favorite color is red because it is bright and makes you feel energetic. He loves building cool creations with Legos, swimming and doing math. He said the most pitiful thing about life with a chronic medical condition is the injections…because they just can’t NOT hurt. When asked who his best friend is, he was quick to answer his Mom. But whenever he needs some extra snuggles he can count on TT his beloved stuffed penguin. When he watched the Brave Me video he made a series of faces beginning with a sad one. We couldn’t be more thrilled that by the end, his drawings had progressed to a huge smiley face. We hope you always remember how proud all of us at Brave Me Headquarters are of you Lucas!

“One of the first feelings I felt when I got diagnosed was that there was NO END to the nervousness, but the more I learn and the more I talk to my Mom and my Dada the more that feeling goes away. What I think would be the best invention would be a device that would say friendly words to you when you’re feeling bad. I think there are lots of ways that kids like me can get help and I was lucky that my Mom knew that I needed to see the doctor because of my symptoms. Now - when it comes to knowing what high and low blood sugars feel like, who really understands it best is ME!”

Nominate a Brave Kid!

When it comes to bravery, kids are amazing! Moms and Dads, grandparents, siblings, relatives, teachers, nurses and doctors are often blown away by the strength of a kid they know who is facing a scary procedure or handling a medical condition. We want you to tell us about the brave kid in your life. If we choose them as the Brave Me Kid of the Week, they will be featured in the Brave Me Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages @BraveMeRoars and of course here on the website. They will also get a Brave Me gift card to select the gift of their choice (a Brave Me cape, T-shirt, Riley stuffed animal, etc.) They will feel good knowing they can inspire other kids just like them to remember to always be Brave Me!

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Brave Me Kid of the Week

Wednesday, May 20th - May 27th


Some kids deal with more medical issues at a tender age than others do across their lifetime - like this handsome boy Josh! He had to have a second brain surgery (after suffering a stroke during the first) before even turning three – giving new meaning to the terrible 2s. He has had too many scans, doctors' appointments and therapy sessions to count, but his adorable smile doesn't reveal an ounce of resentment. Some of his favorite things are Mickey Mouse, delicious snacks, his snuggle sheet, his toy truck. And, watching his pet boxers play or waves as they lap at the beach are types of stimming that bring him comfort. Because Josh has been missing school and his teachers, his parents drive him by whenever he says "Wanna see school..." (about three times a week so far). Certainly, his teachers and classmates are missing him as well. His family also created a Facebook page to keep everyone updated on how Josh is doing #JoshStrong Brave Me is SO thrilled to honor Josh – a truly incredible kid surrounded with love. To quote the wonderful person who nominated Josh:

“Josh carries courage and bravery with him wherever he goes and radiates happiness with whomever he meets. He’s growing up to be an amazing and brilliant boy, constantly reaching and surpassing any goals that are put in front of him and his family is always right there by his side supporting him, encouraging him and loving him through it all!”

Brave Me Kid of the Week

April 22nd - April 29th, 2020


Nichole has much to be happy about in life. She LOVES art and music and is even a distant relative of Taylor Swift. She also has sadly faced some very scary times - spending more nights in the hospital than any third grader should have to at that point in her childhood. Her Mom says she finds a way to stay strong because she knows that is the quickest way for her to get back home. She is her own best patient advocate and makes a deal with the nurses and doctors. She tells them “Be gentle with me, be careful with me - and then I’ll be brave!” Brave Me is so PROUD of you Nichole because you know how to stick up for yourself and tell others what you need!

“I really miss my friends and my teachers too. My bestie and I have been friends since Kindergarten when I just walked up to her and asked her if she wanted to be my friend. Anytime I have trouble breathing, I stay calm because my Mom is always right there beside me. The best part of being in the hospital is that I always get popsicles when I can and my favorite flavor is the red one. I love to squeeze my stuffed bear Ola for some extra love!”

Brave Me Kid of the Week

April 8th - April 15th, 2020


If you knew all that Forrest has been through, you would be surprised at how positive he always is or how his smile shines so bright. But, for those who love him – they know that he wouldn’t have it any other way. He has had more MRIs by first grade than most kids have their temperature checked in that same time. Yet, he knows that no matter what you’re facing, there is nothing better than time with family and friends to help you enjoy life. Rumor has it he is one of the world’s BEST big brothers to his two-year-old sister Ellianna too. Brave Me salutes you Forrest and we wish you the happiest of birthdays later this month. May life keep giving you many reasons to smile!

“I miss getting to have lunch with my friends when we get a chance to laugh about things together. Some of my favorite things to do are go to film class, dance class (I took up Bollywood-style dancing after seeing Aladdin) and going horseback riding with the brown mare Mara. I LOVE chocolate cake, reading books and the song ‘Old Town Road.’ I also love swimming and we’re starting to help my little sister learn in her shallow pool. When I’m feeling a little low, I love talking to my Mom and she is always there for me."