Kid of the Week

Brave Me Kid of the Week

Friday, October 2nd - Saturday, October 10th


Lucas is one AWESOME kid whose honesty about and zest for life is truly endearing. His favorite color is red because it is bright and makes you feel energetic. He loves building cool creations with Legos, swimming and doing math. He said the most pitiful thing about life with a chronic medical condition is the injections…because they just can’t NOT hurt. When asked who his best friend is, he was quick to answer his Mom. But whenever he needs some extra snuggles he can count on TT his beloved stuffed penguin. When he watched the Brave Me video he made a series of faces beginning with a sad one. We couldn’t be more thrilled that by the end, his drawings had progressed to a huge smiley face. We hope you always remember how proud all of us at Brave Me Headquarters are of you Lucas!

“One of the first feelings I felt when I got diagnosed was that there was NO END to the nervousness, but the more I learn and the more I talk to my Mom and my Dada the more that feeling goes away. What I think would be the best invention would be a device that would say friendly words to you when you’re feeling bad. I think there are lots of ways that kids like me can get help and I was lucky that my Mom knew that I needed to see the doctor because of my symptoms. Now - when it comes to knowing what high and low blood sugars feel like, who really understands it best is ME!”