Kid of the Week

Brave Me Kid of the Week

Wednesday, May 20th - May 27th


Some kids deal with more medical issues at a tender age than others do across their lifetime - like this handsome boy Josh! He had to have a second brain surgery (after suffering a stroke during the first) before even turning three – giving new meaning to the terrible 2s. He has had too many scans, doctors' appointments and therapy sessions to count, but his adorable smile doesn't reveal an ounce of resentment. Some of his favorite things are Mickey Mouse, delicious snacks, his snuggle sheet, his toy truck. And, watching his pet boxers play or waves as they lap at the beach are types of stimming that bring him comfort. Because Josh has been missing school and his teachers, his parents drive him by whenever he says "Wanna see school..." (about three times a week so far). Certainly, his teachers and classmates are missing him as well. His family also created a Facebook page to keep everyone updated on how Josh is doing #JoshStrong Brave Me is SO thrilled to honor Josh – a truly incredible kid surrounded with love. To quote the wonderful person who nominated Josh:

“Josh carries courage and bravery with him wherever he goes and radiates happiness with whomever he meets. He’s growing up to be an amazing and brilliant boy, constantly reaching and surpassing any goals that are put in front of him and his family is always right there by his side supporting him, encouraging him and loving him through it all!”