Kid of the Week

Brave Me Kid of the Week

October 30 – November 6, 2019


With a name like Maximus, you are almost destined to have a huge personality and this guy does NOT disappoint. Though he’s only four, he loves telling stories and brings tons of creativity to both his questions and his answers. He can be seen in two Brave Me videos because he lives with asthma and had to have an X-ray after a car accident (thank goodness it was only a toy electric car!). He did such a fantastic job talking about his experiences and helping other kids know exactly what to expect. You put the MAX in Maximus handsome and Brave Me feels lucky to have seen first-hand how truly awesome you are!

“The best holidays are Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas because Halloween means trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving means food, family and sometimes my sister’s birthday and Christmas means snowglobes and the REAL Santa. My favorite colors are orange and blue because orange matches my hair and blue is like Captain America. He could throw his shield up and it could make special Captain America fireworks!”

Brave Me Kid of the Week

October 23 – October 30, 2019


Maya may be only 9 years old but she exhibits fierce bravery no matter what she may be facing medically. When she had to get an MRI, she found the best way to feel less nervous was to hold her Mom’s hand because her Mom is the bravest person she knows. Maya – you are truly a sweetheart, but we know you can be

“My favorite animal is a rabbit and I love getting to see the little ones being born in my very own yard. When I grow up I really want to be a farmer so that I can be around ALL the animals that I love. My favorite subject at school is art because I love to draw, paint and make crafts and my favorite thing to draw is unicorns! I also love playing basketball and being on a team is helpful because we get the chance to pass to each other, help each other shoot and learn to dribble together.”

Brave Me Kid of the Week

October 16 – October 23, 2019


Perseus, 6, loves playing sports and finds a way to keep smiling no matter what asthma brings to his daily life. He has a ton of imagination and curiosity which makes spending time with him SO much fun. He recently had a stay in the hospital, but as you can read – even then he finds a way to focus on the amazing support around him. Stay healthy brave Perseus!

“I don’t get scared when I have to go to the hospital because they all treat me so nice there. If I’m not feeling that great, I like to watch cartoons. The bravest person I know is my Dad because he is so strong. I love it when my Dad says we can take our fishing poles to the beach because then we get to catch some fish!”

Brave Me Kid of the Week

October 9 – October 16, 2019


Ruby, 6 years old, thinks one of the best ways to stay positive when you have asthma is to get extra snuggles from your Mom and think about happy memories. Not only is she brave about her asthma, but one thing she does for fun (to avoid a daytime trigger) would definitely terrify some people. Ruby – YOU ROCK!

“It can be difficult in the spring when pollen is all around. So, we wait until nighttime and then we go around looking for snakes. We have bunches of them as pets! When I have to be indoors, I like to do crafts, paint, draw, sing songs and play my ukulele. I make up my own songs and the words too as I go along.”

Brave Me Kid of the Week

October 2 – October 9, 2019


RJ is one of those kids you just love the second you meet him! He may be only 4, but he has the strength of a lion and handles his diabetes with great courage. When he got his Brave Me cape, he told his Mom – “I’m a Diabetes SUPERHERO!” ❤ We couldn’t agree more RJ ❤

“I love to learn about karate. Now, I have a yellow belt and then when I’m older – I’ll have a black belt. I love dinosaurs and think I would be a good T-Rex because I like to be loud. If there’s a time I’m feeling sad, I just get a tissue, wipe my tears away and be happy!”