Kid of the Week

Brave Me Kid of the Week

March 18th - 25th, 2020


Taylor is such a sweetheart! She has been a little scared about Coronavirus because she’s not sure when things are going to get back on track. She’s going to miss lunch at school where she gets to talk to her friends. But, she said that the best thing she can do to stay calm is to talk to her Nana because she is so good at explaining things and helping her understand what’s happening. Brave Me is proud of you Taylor for always talking with the people who love you the most about what’s on your mind.

"I know one thing I can do to help is wash my hands. I love the feeling of the water and how clean my hands feel after. Playing Roblox or Minecraft video games online with my friend Nikki gets my mind off the virus too. She’s the best! I also love playing with my dogs, Sky, Daisy and Abby. If one of them is hurt, I go tell someone and try to help them. I remember that I was scared too when my Papa got cancer because I didn’t know much about sickness. My Nana told me about it - but I mostly didn’t want him to pass away. My favorite memory with him is that we always had the BEST tea parties together. "