Brave Me Cape


Just like in the video, you can show the world your own superhero qualities. You have faced whatever comes your way with incredible bravery and wearing this cape allows you to prove it to the world wherever you go!

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• Made in the USA
• Superhero red with Brave Me logo on the outside, vibrant royal blue on the inside.
• Material is 100% Polyester Satin.
• 25” in length.
• Magnetic closure on the front for safe cape-wearing. These magnets which easily release when necessary will keep kids from injuring their necks. We also want to make sure that if you cannot be around any magnets due to cardiac equipment, you can write to us and we will make you one without the magnetic closures.
• 100% Polyester Satin.
• Please notify/remind kids that the wearing this cape in no way provides the ability to fly. Nothing dangerous should be attempted because of this cape.