Brave Me Kid of the Week

January 13th - January 20th, 2020


Grace is such pure sunshine and light that we don’t even know how this snow didn’t melt just being around her. She may be little, but she handles being a Type 1 diabetic with great courage. She is even brave enough to do her own insulin injections when the time comes. Her favorite thing about being this age is that she knows she is going to get taller. Grace - you have the sweetest heart and the most adorable smile and you make everyone who knows and loves you so proud every day!

"I love playing on the trampoline. I like friends who are nice and fun and I goof off with my friends a lot. When I am feeling a little down, my favorite thing to do is set something up for my Mom and I to play together. My Mom is the bravest person I know. My favorite thing about being in nature is looking at all the tiny animals like the bugs. My brother even like the fish. The Greatest Showman is a great movie and the best part is when the man sings the song.”