Brave Me Kid of the Week

November 6 - 13, 2019

Lonnie Lu

Lonnie Lu is such a sweetheart and has gone through way too much for her tender age! Even though she’s only in second grade, she has had three cleft surgeries, two surgeries for apnea and eight scopes/procedures. She and her family have even had to travel to Massachusetts from Florida to see a specialist for her laryngeal cleft. Yet, Lonnie Lu always finds a reason to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest! You should be so proud of how you’ve faced all your medical situations with bravery Lonnie Lu! You will always be Brave Me!

"My favorite subject in school is science because we get to do really cool things. I have a very big dog that I really love named Lincoln. When I need to feel better, my Mommy holds my hand or I watch shows with my sister. The best superhero is Batgirl because she can fly in the night. My favorite color is pink because it is pretty!”