Brave Me Kid of the Week

October 30 – November 6, 2019


With a name like Maximus, you are almost destined to have a huge personality and this guy does NOT disappoint. Though he’s only four, he loves telling stories and brings tons of creativity to both his questions and his answers. He can be seen in two Brave Me videos because he lives with asthma and had to have an X-ray after a car accident (thank goodness it was only a toy electric car!). He did such a fantastic job talking about his experiences and helping other kids know exactly what to expect. You put the MAX in Maximus handsome and Brave Me feels lucky to have seen first-hand how truly awesome you are!

“The best holidays are Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas because Halloween means trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving means food, family and sometimes my sister’s birthday and Christmas means snowglobes and the REAL Santa. My favorite colors are orange and blue because orange matches my hair and blue is like Captain America. He could throw his shield up and it could make special Captain America fireworks!”