Brave Me Kid of the Week

January 29th - February 5th, 2020


There are some kids who are so far ahead of their age, whose fascination with how the world works never stops and whose zest for learning is insatiable. Phoenix is one of those amazing kids and we are so fortunate to honor him as our kid of the week. He may describe himself as a Type 1er, but his life is so full and beyond what you may expect from a typical first grader. He inhales information and makes use of every detail by building elaborate equipment and robots, knowing how to match positive and negative charges correctly on electrical projects, attaching pieces with tubes and screws and nails, assembling miniature cars and asking questions to get to the why of anything science-based. To spend time with him is to realize that his passion for knowledge is contagious. Phoenix – you are one awesome kid and we hope your brain never stops being curious!

"When we go on my neighbor Luke’s boat, I love going fishing and seeing the boats in the marina. My favorite ride is the Tower of Terror because it’s so much fun and when it dropped I was like ‘Whoooo – this is fun!’ I love talking to my friends and they really take care of me with diabetes and have my back. One of my friends even shares seats with me on the bus on the way to school. The books by Eric Carle like The Very Hungry Caterpillar are the ones I like the best. If something’s bothering me, I breathe a lot, talk with someone to distract me and then I can relax.”